Our Projects

TC Management has consulted and completed all manner of bird abatement and management projects including:


The regular supply of food and water sources, and safe breeding and roosting locations make both large and small stadiums susceptible to pest bird issues.


Small birds such as sparrows and starlings are frequently found inside malls and indoor shopping facilities. The abundance of food and water and safe roosting areas make these places ideal. TC Management has the techniques and tools necessary to remove these birds that will meet our clients budgets.

Public Parks

The droppings from perched and roosting birds from overhead can ruin walkways, benches, and other equipment and make for costly repair and maintenance.

Oil Refineries and Industrial Sites

The large and complex nature of these facilities can make standard netting and exclusion systems, extremely costly and near impossible. Our unique system is guaranteed to deliver results and fractions of the cost. 

Solar farms

The acidity of bird droppings can ruin electrical and photovoltaic systems and the large accumulations of bird droppings can cover the panels and diminish their output. Unfortunately these large array systems make perfect perching and nesting locations. Our maintenance process will eliminate your worry of these problems at minimal costs.

Landfills & Recycling Facilities

Gulls, crows and other federally protected migratory birds frequent these facilities, creating unsafe work conditions and high maintenance costs.

Orchards & Vineyards

When large numbers of flocking migratory birds come to graze on an unguarded farm, the results of their feeding can be devastating for crops and sales. Our work at orchards and vineyards, primarily blueberry farms, has been an industry essential service for over a decade.

Hotels & Resort Properties

Birds will congregate to areas where food, water and safety are provided to them. These properties by design are the ideal setting for pest birds to gather is large numbers.

Commercial Fish and Agriculture Farms

Similar to orchards and vineyards, large flocks of feeding birds can ruin the harvest of these essential agriculture and aquaculture farms. Our systems  and maintenance can yeild complete disposal and removal results.

Marinas and Harbors

Sea birds have historically been a significant problem for maintenance and safety. The protected nature of most of these species means that our proven methods, are the only way to remove these problems for both the short and long term.


Bird strikes pose a serious threat to the safety of passenger, commercial and military airplanes and airport failicities.

Public Reservoirs & Water Systems

Waterfowl species and gulls find our public reservoir systems a convenient landing and feeding area during the year, but especially during the migration seasons. Large numbers of birds can cost millions in clean-up to the water systems. Our company can guard these public systems effectively and efficiently.

Food Processing and Distribution Facilities

These areas like large open markets and and food processing areas are a haven for birds of all types to catch a meal both on a permanent basis and during migration periods. Withoit a proper program to deal with these pest birds, the problems can compound significantly. 

Transportation Facilities

Transportation hubs and terminals have traditionally been a hotbed for pest bird activity. The large accumulation of humans and their food waste make these situations highly exploitable.

Wind Farms

Nesting birds and the their nesting materials can ruin large expensive equipment almost immediately. Our cleaning and pest maintenance program will pay for itself!