The Excursion

Each program begins with a brief informative introduction of falconry and the wide variety of species you will see displayed. Next we will begin a 'gloves-on' introduction with your falconer for the day to begin your handling of our team of harris hawks. From tying a 'falconers knot' to calling a bird to land on your fist, each person will get to personally experience the power, intelligence, of these magnificent birds of prey. 

Then it is time to go hawking. The Harris' hawks have been trained to catch pheasant, partridge, quail, rabbit, and squirrel; per each species hunting season. As we walk the woods and meadows of the beautiful countryside, the hawks will keep pace with you in the tree branches overhead and respond to the commands of the falconer. They will search the ground and tree branches, waiting for that exciting moment when the game is flushed and the chase begins.

When the lesson has concluded the hudson valley area has many wonderful visiting attractions and hotels within a few miles from our preserve, to fit any budget. All available accommodations are available through Falconry Excursions, if discussed with a sales associate when booking your hunting package.


  • Allow the questions to begin and never stop! Our experienced professional falconers and sales associates are happy to answer them.
  • Travel to and from local airports, trains and bus stations available upon request.
  • Please where clothing that can be roughed up, as prickers and thorn bushes can do damage. In the winter months please where multiple layers of warm clothing.
  • Our area offers many local hotels fitting all budget levels, please ask your sales associate.

The Excursion lasts approximately 3.5 hours


$525.00 for 1-4 people

$125.00 per person above 4

Max is 8 per group

*For group pricing, booking and special accommodations please Contact Us